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The Inked Phoenix Project founder Kirsten Michaud and tattoo artist Ike Trimboli

The Inked Phoenix Project Story

In 2015 The Inked Phoenix Project founder, Kirsten Michaud, was diagnosed with Invasive Lobular Carcinoma aka breast cancer.  After undergoing a bi lateral mastectomy, and two subsequent reconstructive surgeries, Kirsten was left with scars that defined her battle with breast cancer.  These scars were both a constant and unpleasant reminder that her body would never be the same.

Kirsten was struggling with self confidence and body image issues when she came across an article about mastectomy tattoos.  After researching tattoos and local artists, she found an artist with extensive scar cover up experience.  Ike Trimboli of Infamous Ink Tattoo Studio helped Kirsten not only design a tattoo that covered her scars, but actually turned those ugly scars into beautiful art.

To Kirsten, her mastectomy tattoo represents the strength of her journey, the beauty in her recovery, and the final step in her healing process.  The tattoo has allowed her to feel in control again and regain her confidence.

The Inked Phoenix Project was founded in 2017 with the dream of helping other breast cancer survivors in North Carolina find the same beauty and confidence in their journey.  This non-profit gives breast cancer survivors the option of a mastectomy tattoo from one of our amazing team of tattoo artists.  The Inked Phoenix Project covers 100 percent of the cost.

Beyond breast cancer survivors, Kirsten also felt a strong need to help United States veterans in North Carolina. Those returning with battle scars will receive the same assistance with costs arising from the tattoos that cover up those scars.  This cause is also very personal to Kirsten since her son, Nikolas, is currently serving in USAF.




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